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You are most vulnerable to certain kinds of spiritual attacks in the moments right before you fall asleep. Common attacks include terrible nightmares and becoming paralyzed in your bed without being able to move or scream. Dream fighting is a form of spiritual warfare that is your last defense. It is much like hand to hand combat in the spiritual world.

Without getting too far off the subject matter, the real world and the dream world (the world in your dreams) have much more in common than you may be aware. For one thing, you are conscious in both worlds. You can exercise your free will in both worlds. This is important to note since many people think that dreams are linear "movies" that play in your mind while you sleep and that you have no control over what you do in them. As a result, most people sleep passively. That is, they sleep and let go of all control. This dangerous condition is used by creatures of darkness to attack you in your sleep.

A malicious entity will often hang around and wait for you to go to bed before attacking you. Then, in the moments between being fully awake and falling completely asleep, they will enter your mind.

Before we discuss the two types of attack that I am familiar with, there are two things that are important to lessen the risk of a serious encounter: First is to say a prayer of protection before you go to sleep. For more on this please go to the prayer page. The second is not necessary, but may help you to control your fear which is very important - Sleep with a light or with the TV on (with the sound muted of course). Many people who are sensitives and have been through a frightening attack already do this. Many children also prefer to sleep with a night light for the same reasons. Most children are sensitives and are afraid of the dark because they are aware on some level of the things that exist beyond reality and come out at night.

Paralyzed In Bed
The most common attack is one in which you become immobilized. You will feel a weight on your chest and will not be able to fully wake up, move, or scream. You are essentially being trapped in the place between being fully awake and being fully asleep. Usually, you can either wake up from this state or decide to fall deeper into sleep. However, a creature of darkness can hold you in this in-between state, paralyzing you. This is a low level attack. This kind of attack although terrifying, is not very serious. All that is needed to defeat this kind of attack is strong force of will. As soon as you feel immobilized, summon up every single ounce of willpower you have to try to move. Try to simultaneously move your head to the side while moving both of your arms. You will actually be trying to break free of it's mental grip over you. Once you break free, the creature will be cast free of you.
You may be too scared to go right back to sleep, but try. Keep your fear under control. If it knows you are afraid, it will attack you again. Remember that this particular fight is an easy one and you should keep that in mind. The more you successfully defeat it, the less interested it will be in messing with you.

More advanced forms of this attack may involve your other senses. While being paralyzed, you might hear voices, laughter, or you might see things (which will seem a little strange since your eyes will be closed). Although it is absolutely terrifying, keep this in mind: This kind of attack has only one purpose - To scare you. These creatures will use any trick they can to frighten you. And that is the key word - "trick". You may think you are hearing hundreds of voices laughing, but in reality it is a laugh track perhaps from a TV show (how these creatures gain access to things like that are another subject matter altogether). Now that still doesn't change the fact that you are hearing things, but when you realize that what you are hearing or seeing is not quite what it seems, it makes the threat seem much less intimidating. This is very important to know in order to keep your fear under control. Once you have control over your own fear, you will have gained the upper hand.
Even with all the extra bells and whistles used to frighten you, conquering this type of attack is still the same: Summon every bit of willpower you can to break free. As soon as you realize you are under attack, react immediately. The longer you wait, the stronger a hold it will have over you. Don't waste any time wondering what is going on or being afraid. Break free and think about it later.

Externally Induced Nightmares
These nightmares are markedly different from normal nightmares. In them, you will always be assaulted or physically attacked. These nightmares will feel very very real. In fact, people often wake up from this kind of assault clutching whatever part of their body was harmed and even running to the mirror to check for wounds. The attacker in these dreams will sometimes be someone you know, but will often be a complete stranger. You will notice something strange about them right away, even if it seems to be someone you know. There will be something that isn't quite right about them. If it is someone you know, they won't look quite right. This is because the creature is creating the imagery in your mind rather than you. As a result, you will be experiencing something else's approximation of a dream world that normally you are in control of. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but you'll notice it. Your attacker will also never speak. If he/she does speak, it will be gibberish. Not words or sentences that will make any sense. This is because creatures of darkness (in these cases, most likely low level demons) usually have little or no grasp of any human languages. In some cases, they will transform into hideous forms while attacking you.

There are two very important things to remember during these kinds of attacks: The first thing is that these creatures' only grasp over you is your fear. The more fear they can induce in you, the more control they can have over you. If you know this in advance, controlling your own fear becomes much easier.
Second is that you are conscious during these nightmares. This is very important! The second you realize what is happening (a big tip off will be the person in your dream who seems to be "off"), be on the defensive. Do not just go along passively. Prepare to fight. This will sound a little crazy, but as soon as your attacker reveals himself (usually not until he/she is already upon you will you know for sure), hit it! Tackle it! Kick it! Do anything you can to cause it harm. You will wake up as soon as the first few blows land. I know it sounds like lunacy, but it's true. At that point, your fear is gone and you will actually have chased your attacker out of your mind.
Eventually, once you realize that your fear is being used against you, and can control it (i.e. not be afraid) you'll be able to wake up from these nightmares without any struggle at all.

Unfortunately, the only way to keep these creatures from attacking you in your sleep is to endure them and learn to defeat them. Like anything else, you need to go through these events in order to gain the offensive experience necessary to keep these things at bay later. Just like in the real world, you can't become a formidable fighter without fighting fights. The main difference is that dream fighting requires far less skill. You only need your faith, your nerve, and your willpower.

Good luck and god bless.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Has any of this ever happened to you?
A: All of it has happened to me. This website is a resource that I have created from my own experiences and from things that I've learned about the spirit world from various other sources throughout my life.

Q: Is there a less dramatic way of overcoming this problem?
A: None that I know of.

Q: Will I have to deal with this problem for the rest of my life?
A: Actually no. From my experience, you may actually develop a defense mechanism that prevents any attacks from even occurring. What happens with me is that if I feel a malicious presence in the room before I go to sleep, I put my spiritual guard up and prepare for a fight as I fall asleep. As I fall asleep, I might suddenly wake myself up with a jerking motion or a noise from my mouth (which sounds like "guh!"). What's funny about waking up suddenly this way is that I am not conscious of the action that woke me up until after I am awake. It's like being woken up by someone else. I'm not completely sure, but I feel as though my spirit watches over me as I fall asleep and wakes me before anything can get a hold of me. Either way, I haven't been involved in any dream fighting for awhile now. Though I have experienced attack attempts. In these cases I simply wake up and go back to sleep - Sometimes this goes on all night (some creatures are very persistent) and I won't get very much rest, but they won't come back to try again the next night.

Q: How do I know I'm not just having regular nightmares?
A: You might be, but it certainly can't hurt to prepare defenses and know what to do in the event of a spiritual attack.

Q: If demons and other creatures can enter my mind, is it possible to be possessed in this way?
A: Technically, yes. But first your will would have to be defeated and this page teaches you how to never let that happen (It would be incredibly difficult anyway). People who allow themselves to be possessed during seances and other occult practices relent control over their own free will in order to give someone (or something) else control. Never do this! As long as you have control over your own free will, you can resist being possessed very successfully.


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